CAMEL 94 spraydeck

Versatile spraydeck suitable for expedition seekayaking and touring.

New pattern of neoprene deck.

It combines the benefits of nylon waist and neoprene deck. The neoprene deck with adhesive coating on the inside increases water-tightness around the cockpit. The neoprene also prevents water from pooling on top of the deck. The nylon waist allows ventilation and if necessary it can be tightened using rubber cord. Adjustable suspenders keep the waist from rolling down. The system of rubber cords on the top of the deck can hold a map, compass or other necessities.




Thanks to this very elastic double-sided neoprene less material is used to cover the cockpit, therefore the spraydeck is lighter. NTX2 is used mainly on spraydecks for racing.

This polyamide-based fabric has a layered composition. It is characterized by its strength in tension and abrasion resistance provided by the density of its knitting. WP15.000mm, MVP15.000g/m2/24Hrs.

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