CAMEL 94 Sprayskirt

An expedition style sprayskirt for touring and sea kayaking combining the benefits of neoprene and nylon.

+ Nylon tunnel ensures comfort by breathability when its loosened and lowered for calmer and warmer days but can be secured up high with a waist bungee sinch and suspenders to keep the water out on rougher and colder days.

+ Neoprene deck to keep all water out while the stretchable NTX2 Flex keeps it light weight and due to the excellent flex is easy to use.

+ Rubberized coating along the inner perimeter for better adhesion to the cockpit rim keeping water out and making sure it stays on in rougher water.

+ Eyelets and rubber bungee along the deck provides convenient spot to secure a map or a compass or whatever else you might need.

+ Perfect fit can be dialed in with the waist cinch and suspenders keeping it comfortable all day no matter what the conditions may be.




Thanks to this very elastic double-sided neoprene less material is used to cover the cockpit, therefore the spraydeck is lighter. NTX2 is used mainly on spraydecks for racing.

This polyamide-based fabric has a layered composition. It is characterized by its strength in tension and abrasion resistance provided by the density of its knitting. WP15.000mm, MVP15.000g/m2/24Hrs.

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