C1 CHINOOK L/S Top deck

Lighter weight drydeck for cooler weather paddling, combining the best of the Chinook dry top and the Jackpot sprayskirt.

The CHINOOK top is made for active paddling during cool weather.

+ Ergonomically cut design along with being made from the elastic Aqualite fabric fits snugly and allows free range of motion.

+ A neoprene collar with latex coating on the inside provides a comfortable and snug fit while preventing water from flowing in.

+ Longer neoprene wrist cuffs with silicone coating along the inside provide great seal against your skin to water from coming in while keeping your wrists protected from the cold.

+ Neoprene waist belt with sticky mesh along the inside prevents the CHINOOK top from riding up.

+ Made form an extremely elastic fabric, the outside is PU coated creating a garment that is warm and waterproof. The C FLEX sprayskirt is a high end slalom racing whitewater skirt.

+ Made from NTX2 Flex neoprene to ensure water tightness along with a very light weight, and thanks to the flexibility it naturally moves with the racer without resistance. NTX2 Flex is specifically used on our high end racing skirts.

+ The fit has been specifically tailored to fit the rims of C1 slalom cockpits allowing it to be easily put on, keeping the boat dry and eliminating any unnecessary material.

+ The pull tab for quick release (should the need arise) is made from a thin and lightweight webbing to minimize the risk of accidental touches.




Thanks to this very elastic double-sided neoprene less material is used to cover the cockpit, therefore the spraydeck is lighter. NTX2 is used mainly on spraydecks for racing.

Warm, completely waterproof and extremely elastic material. Stretchy knitwear is protected with a PU coating. Technical specifications:Weight160 g/m2, composition PES +PU, waterproofness10.000 mm H2O.

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