WAIST BELT 20m Throw Rope


Quick release waist belth throwbag.

+ Quick release waist buckle.

+ Two Sides - one for 20 m of throw bag, other with a line set up as a tow teather.

+ Bag as a neoprene release valve, so when you pull on the bead, the line starts releasing, no need to open the bag.

+ 8mm polypropylene waterproof floating rope with 8000N of tensile strength.



Very durable polyester fabric has excellent tensile properties, is resistant to diesel fuel and detergent. It is abrasion resistant and strong in tension.

Classic neoprene foam has both sides laminated with flexible knit.

Floating polypropylene 10mm rope, 10000N tensile, soft, flexible, slips appropriately. Bright yellow colour makes it visible even in white water.

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