Cone 15m


Rescue throw bags with floating foam inside. Conical shape with reinforcement on the entry, make easier to put rope in and out. Reflective safety stripes, floating 8 or 10 mm rope, 8 000 N tensile.  Harness system for attaching to a PFD or a carabiner.Throw bag cone plus, provided extra with  two big plastic eylet for  attaching to carabiner.Two rope lengths -15m, 20m.



CORDURA = PAD 500D. Very durable nylon fabric with excellent tensile properties, even when displayed to diesel fuel and detergent. Highly abrasion resistant and strong in tension.

Floating polypropylene 8mm rope, 8000N tensile, soft, flexible, slips appropriately. Bright yellow colour makes it visible even in white water.

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