Michal Buchtel

Date of birth: 19.12.1986

Category: Hiko TEAM Ambassador/ White Water / Extreme Racing/ Slalom


TOP results:

  • 3. place EKEC 2016 (European Extreme Kayak Cup)
  • 5. place Adidas Sickline 2016
  • 1. place DAM2DAM Devil’s race 2016
  • 1. place Extreme downhill Kayak Castle rapid race, Ita 2016
  • 2. place Outdoormix 2014
  • 2. place Devil’s Extreme Race 2014
  • Czech slalom Champion 2009
  • World Champion teams K1m 2009


Where did you start with paddling?

I started with slalom on a little natural rapid nearby Carlsbad. It becomes my training background till my 17 till I moved to Prague and started to train in USK.


Why are you doing this sport?

It was pure fun from the begining. I loved friends arround slalom, good results and all about that. I also studied coaching.. It provides me through nearly all my life. Once I tried creeking in 2013 I caught a second breath in boating and have fun again. Working for hiko leads me to different events, beautifull places and nice people all arround the wil water world and thats cool.


The most favorite course?

I pretty like Devils streams under Lipno dam, then rivers like Verzasca, Guil, Bourg Saint Maurice as a slalom course..many others.


Your best experience on water?

Comming to the edge of Verzasca waterfall and going out in good direction under it. Winning slalom World Championship in teams and European one as a junior, Sickline finals, being just out on the river...all that are the best memories.


What you like to do when you are not in kayak?

SNB, crosscountry skiing, any outdoor sports, party hard.