Luca Daprá

Date of birth: 4.1.1990

Category: Extreme White Water/ Extreme Racing


TOP results:

  • first descents in my backyard: Pille Drop (Pfelderer Bach) and Tòll (River Etsch)
  • 12th OutdoorMix 2015 (FRA)
  • 7th King of the Fall 2013 (Eporedia Active Days - ITA)
  • Organising the King of the Alps (5 Edition)


Where did you start with paddling?

I started in 2005 in Merano on the Passirio with slalom, and since 2008 I’m sitting mostly in creeker.


Why are you doing this sport?

It’s my passion: I’ve tried lots o fdifferent sports and kayaking is the only one giving me so much! It gives me the possibility to travel and see places from different perspectives.

Bytheway, kayakers are the best guys to hang with and make party!


The most favorite course?

The Passer Gorge, my favourite homerun. The Kokatahi in New Zealand is for sure my next choice!


Your best experience on water?

Every day on the water is an amazing day!


Goals and planns for future?

Travel arround the world, vistit New Zealand again, Norway, Chile..lot of places :)

King of the Alps is my hobby now and I invite you all guys to come to take part on it's 5th edition!!


What you like to do when you are not in kayak?

Skiing, climbing or just doing something in the nature.