Honza Choutka

Honza is heading on top in the world of whitewater. Recently he kicked it off and now he's  living his dream. 2nd year he paddles around the world and pushs his limits and limits in creeking overall. All this he's doing in C1 !! He add to his credit several first descents in C1 and do not stop even on the edge of 25 meter waterfall! Honza, together with us developes and tests gear and materials for extreme whitewater! In Hiko team since 2014.

Date of birth: 25/6/1995

Category: C1 Extreme White Water/ Extreme Racing/ C1 Freestyle

TOP results:

  • 1st place MČR freestyle 2014
  • 1st place Krakonošovo Labíčko 2013
  • 3rd place Trnava Race 2014... (K1)
  • 2nd place Devils Extreme Race 2012
  • 5th place ME freestyle 2012

Where did you start with paddling? I started in 2006 in my hometown Hradec Kralove

Why are you doing this sport? I love it. Adrenaline on the river and sharing the feelings with good friends – priceless.

The most favorite course: There are many. I like Oetz, Untertalbach, Lipno

playspot: Plattling

Your best experience on water: Everytime I put into a new river for the first time or learn a new trick

Goals and planns for future:  I want to be that guy, who is chasing the world of kayaking in canoe :-) Paddling as much as I can. Explore new places. Get better. Be fast.

What you like to do when you are not in kayak: Gym, running, ski. I like learning new things.

Web/contact: FB / Jan Choutka