Lukáš Červinka

4x winner of the European Championship in C1 freestyle !! Lukáš Červinka has long time ruled the C1 category in freestyle arround Europe, but even kayakers could be worried if Lukas is written on the startlist!! He is in Hiko team since 2013 and works with us on gear development in WW and freestyle.

Day of birth: 27.12.1989

Category: Freestyle C1

TOP results/expeditions:

  • 1st. Place Europien Championschip 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010
  • 7th. Place World Championschip 2015,2013

Where/when did you start with paddling? I started with my parents on raft boat and soon I moved to kayak. When I was 16 I tried C1 freestyle boat and I’m still i love whith that.

Why are you doing this sport? It’s about lifestyle.. I like that moments with my friends. Being whole day on the river, in evenig some barbecue and the other day wet water gear again (laugh:). And racing? I love the athmosphere..those people around and that stress if its going to be good or not good gay..

The most favorit river/ freestyle spot: Pilsen – playspot, NOC

Your best experience on water: Winning the Europien Championschip

Goals and planns for future: To be ready for next season, especialy Worldcups. Enjoy some creeking.

What you like to do when you are not in kayak: Cars and ladies

Web/contact: FB / Lukáš Červinka