Vít Přindiš

Date of Birth: 14.4.1989

Discipline: K1 slalom


Best results: 

  • 2nd place overall World Cup 2016
  • 1st place European Championship 2016 team race
  • 2nd place European Championship 2014
  • 2nd place World Championship 2014 team race
  • 1st place European Championship 2013
  • 3 times champion of the Czech Republic


Where did you start?

Ever since the first strokes I´m paddling in Prague - Troja, I like the course very much.


Why do you paddle?

It's in my family, but since my childhood I was doing more sports.

Paddling just finally prevailed over time and was closest to me. It has remained until now.


Most favourite course/river?

I prefer wild and strong rivers like Bourg, Lipno, London and Trnávka.


Your best paddling experience?

Jumping 7 meter high waterfall in New Zealand.


Your future goals and plans?

In sport, it can not predict, but I have a couple of years, if possible, paddling and then we'll see.

In my personal life - I finished school and I'd like to slowly start my personal project.


Other hobbies?

Many other sports - running, cycling, cross-country skiing, hockey, football, climbing ...

I really like spending time with friends at the movies or in the countryside.



Web: www.vitprindis.com

FB: www.facebook.com/vitprindis1