Tomáš Rak

DOB: May 19th, 1989

Natural habitat: Canoe Slalom (C1)

Nationality: CZE


Career Highlights:

+3rd place European Championship Prague 2018

+ 3rd place European Championship Teams Prague 2018

+8th place World Championship - Rio de Janeiro 2018

+2nd place European Championship Teams Markkleeberg 2015

+1st place Riverside Cross Race Prague 2015, 2016, 2018

+4th place European Championship U23 Solkan 2012


Where did you start with paddling?

"I started in Hradec Kralove - city in Eastern Czechia and my coaches Jaromir Indruch and Jiri Karlovsky taught me how to love sport and how to be focused and have a drive. These things all together were the best what they could have given me."


Why are you doing this sport?

"I always liked doing this sport, and simply love paddling and that feeling of flow on the water."


What is your most favorite course?

"Each course is interesting in some way but the Olympic course in Athens had a special charm."


What is the best part of training and what is the worst?

"The best part is when the training starts. I am always looking forward to my training and maybe it sounds like a cliche, but I really like every training. And the worst is to change clothes in bad weather. :/"


What is your best paddling experience?

"To listen to the Czech national anthem at the podium."


Who has influenced you the most in kayaking?

"I am always trying to find the best things from the best guys in my category. I like to examine videos and also the athletes' live rides out there."


What are your future goals and plans?

"Still go ahead and to race at the Olympic Games."


What are your other hobbies?

"Other sports, drawing, painting - check my Instagram, business, good food, traveling, dance and music."


Who is the best kayaker/canoeist in the world?

"I am working on being the one eventually. But there is still lot of work to do. And the best? Every year the current World Champion. :))"


Who do you like to follow on IG the most and why?

"Beautiful women and art. And why? Because I use Instagram like relax and inspiration."



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