Discipline: R4,R6

TOP results: 

  • 1st.European championship Lipno 2012
  • 3rd.World championship Zoetermeer 2010
  • 3rd. World championship in slalom Kawerau, New Zealand - 2013
  • 1st. European championship R4 - Bratislava 2014
  • 2nd. World Championship R4 - Brazil 2014

Why are you doing this sport: look around the world and have fun with friends near water 

The most favourite course/river: Lipno 

Your best experience on water: every time when looking down on opponents from above (after winning :)) 

Goals and plans for future: try to set high quality R6 team for this season, be good prepared and continue enjoying white water :-) 

Another favourite activities: good beef on the grill