Lumír Drápal

It was a lucky coincident and my passion to explore that brought me to paddling. In 2008 I sat in into a seakayak for the first time and became the first Czech to paddle around 2690 km long Norwegian coast. Being the first was not the reason of my journey. I did it because I wanted to and had time to do it. During my trip I learned something about paddling, people that live up there and also about myself.

Day of birth: that one time in winter.. 

Category: seakayak 

TOP results/expeditions:  every time I come back home safely with no harms 

Where/when did you start with paddling? Norway 2008

Why are you paddling? It is better to have 100 kg in a boat than on my back :-)

The most favorit place to go: Finnmark 

Your best experience on water: every time a wave runs

Goals and planns for future: paddle and paddle 

What you like to do when you are not in kayak: skateboarding, snowboarding, hiking, bike...