Jana Dukátová

Day of birth: 13.06.1983

Category: K1W

TOP results:

  • Two time world champion K1/C1
  • European Champion
  • Four time World cup champion
  • 4th place Olympic Games Rio 2016

Where did you start with paddling? On Donnau in Bratislava in Karl’s cove. I started with flat water racing and when they opened the trail in Cunovo I switched to white water. 

Why do you paddle? White water slalom is an amazing sport for me because you will not find two identical trails in the world and on every one of them there are hundreds of gate combinations. Every practice session is unique as well. 

Favourite trail? Athens. 

Your best experience in water? My greatest experience so far was racing in Olympic Games for which I was waiting for a long time and last year I finally made it. 

Goals and plans for the future? To win an Olympic medal that is still missing in my collection.


What do you like to do when you are not in a kayak? Windsurfing, snowboarding, wake boarding, and road cycling