CANYON BALL Hooded Wetsuit

This suit has been developed in cooperation with world-class canyoneering pros and guides. It was designed to meet the comfort standards of professionals and to exceed the durability standards for commercial purposes.

+ The pattern is inspired by wetsuits for surfing - allowing maximum mobility in the shoulders.

+ Combination of 5mm and 6mm panels has been strategically placed for warmth and mobility.

+ Exposed seams are protected by S-seal - rubber coating.

+ From the waist down and the elbows are coated with Small Diamond - abrasion resistant nylon that is protecting the neoprene      core.

+ Ergonomically shaped hood is equipped with flush holes to release water when the hood is down.

+ Inner neck collar serves as a barrier against flushing inside the suit.

+ Ear panels are made from AirPrene - perforated neoprene rubber coated with nylon allows pressure to escape when jumping into     the water from big heights.

+ Long front zip entry is offcentered so it does not scratch on chin and does not bulk up when bending over.

+ At the bottom of the leg sleeve there are horseshoe cutouts for easier entry.

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