SYMBIO CUTTY neoprene shorts

Neoprene shorts with high versatility of use.

- The shorts have been constructed for sitting position.

- The length of the sleeve was measured carefully so that the back of your legs is covered just pass the kayak seat and protects you from getting rashes.

- Combining three different types of rubber the shorts blend functionality and comfort with longevity.

- The back panel is made of 1.5 mm wrinkle and ding resistant neoprene.

- The front panel is made of 1.5 mm more flexible rubber.

- The crotch and side panels are made of just 0.5 mm thin rubber



Extra thin and extremely elastic double sided neoprene rubber. Suits made of this neoprene are highly comfortable, they fit as a skin.

Classic neoprene foam has both sides laminated with flexible knit.

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