SMILER wetsuit

Farmer John made out of 4 mm thick neoprene.

- It is the thickest / warmest neoprene protection in our product line.

- It is designed for rafting, canyoning and rescue but can be used for all water sport activities.

- Suitable for both personal and commercial use.

- Using various types of rubber types we achieved the optimal combination of mobility and insulation.

- The front entry zipper is equipped with two pullers for easy relief.

- Abrasion resistant Tatex is used in exposed areas.

- Tatex will be appreciated when sitting on a raft or in a canoe where its adhesive characteristic prevents you from sliding or slipping.

- Shins are reinforced with Supratex.

- SMILER is very durable piece of equipment and can withstand rough handling.




Classic neoprene foam has both sides laminated with flexible knit.

Neoprene rubber is laminated with a layer of very elastic and abrasion resistant knit.

Double sided neoprene rubber coated with a rubber layer, abrasion resistant, adhesive, provides high heat comfort. It is used to reinforce strained parts and to protect from cold.

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