The name of the line speaks for itself. SHADE products are designed to keep your body cool and your skin protected during hot summer days in or near water. Fitted pattern keeps your body streamlined; the last thing you want while swimming is excessive fabric floating around you. The DEW is the latest development in the family. The fabric is now even lighter than the former ULTRA and PLUSH and therefore does not absorb as much water, hence, it dries faster. Although the primary purpose of the SHADE line is sun protection, because it is fast-wicking and fitted, it works really well as a base layer under your dry gear. DEW fabric marks a huge leap forward in terms of sustainability, too - the fabric is made 100% from recycled materials. 

SHADE DEW should not miss in any water gear bag. Whether you are packing for a summer surfing trip, need a lighter layer under your slalom desktop or gearing up for a whitewater expedition SHADE DEW deserves the spot in your locker or a suitcase. 

  • Sun protection UPF 50+

  • Super lightweight, therefore dries faster.

  • Leads moisture away from your body when worn as a base layer

  • It is made 100% from recycled materials

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