ROVER Cylindric 50L

This bag for general purposes is abrasion resistant and very durable.

- 100% dry.

- Durable high denier fabric with PVC coating.

- Adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport.

Super durable PU dry bag with a sleek matte black finish. Keep dry stuff away from wet or wet stuff away from dry.
ROVER is the perfect barrier between dry and wet environment.

The bag is made from high denier fabric with PU coating which makes it an extremely durable waterproof bag, but still treat it nicely.

Hide your camera, phone or a towel in this waterproof bag. Transport wet gear in a car trunk, or inside a backpack, full of dry clothes without concern. Store food and clothes safely in a kayak without getting any moisture on them. Use as a pillow. Fill with ice and bring it to a beach party, or carry it alone as a waterproof backpack. It can act as a waterproof phone puch, or secure storage area for your camera. You get the idea. 

ATTENTION: to make sure the bag is properly closed align the edges properly and at minimum three times before snapping the buckle. Squeeze the bag - if there is air coming out the chances are water will get in.


Height: 80cm

Width: 49,5cm

Weight: 50g

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