A drysuit designed for WW use and to extreme conditions. It provides full body protection agains cold water and weather during extensive exposure to water environment. The suit is equipped with a back entry that is secured by a dry zipper running across the back of your shoulders. The same zipper is used for a flyer. The waist is adjustable using "DoublePull" system. Latex cuffs around the neck and wrists are protected by outside neoprene cuffs. The suit is made out of 4-layer material "Airfour" that provides excellent insulation capabilities and breathability. Elbows/forearms, knees and the sitting area is reinforced with abrasion resistant Cordura. The suits is eqipped with dry socks made of Cordura to keep feet warm and dry. Drysuits provide maximum heat comfort without compromising mobility. Warning: When using a drysuit make sure all the zippers are closed. Using a drysuit that allows excessive amount of water entry through a zipper or a tear is dangerous.




This four-layer material features some incredible characteristics. The top layer is made of the nylon Taffeta. The inside is made of a light microporous coating and hydrophilic membrane. WP25.000mm, MVP15.000g/m2/24Hrs.

This four-layer abrasion resistant material has many excellent features, and thus is often used for protection of exposed panels. WP25.000mm, MVP5.000g/m2/24Hrs.

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