Highly functional jacket for cold and rainy days. It is suitable for wide range of water-related activities as well as daily use in a city.

Front zip allows easy access. The hood is adjustable with a fleece on the inside for extra insulation. The fleece is also on the iside of both zipper pockets to keep your hands warm. Lower cut provides protection of sitting areas. Through strategic paneling and combination of two very functional materials the jacket is the ultimate symbiosis of water / wind resistance and breathability. The front and back panels as well as the hood are made out of waterproof Aqual - quickdrying fleece with PU coating. Taped seams ensure absolute water-tightness. Inner arms and sides of the jacket are made out of Tecnopile that allows ventilations in those areas.

This jacket offers great versatility of use. Suitable to wear over wet neoprene as well.


Extremely elastic, anti-allergenic fleece provides heat comfort on the inside while elastic PU coating on the outsides has a waterproof function and adds to thermal insulation of the fabric.

Extra thin and extremely elastic double sided neoprene rubber. Suits made of this neoprene are highly comfortable, they fit as a skin.

TECNOPILE - Comfortable fleece with Teflon molecules provides great thermal insolation. It is light, elastic, breathable, quick drying. Because it is non-creasing and abrasion resistant Tecnopile is easily maintained fabric.

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