Fully equipped high-end PFD made for the most extreme conditions.

-  It was developed in cooperation with professional paddlers and rescuers.

NEW IN 2019:

- Stitching for greater strength.

- The vest features detachable harness system - harness can be replaced if needed.

- Shoulder straps are at one piece with the harness loop that now can carry up to 1500N.

- The vest is now adjustable by pulling the straps forward - making the process easy - side entry remains.

- Neoprene panels of the small front pocket is replaced by Dupratex for more durability.

ISO 12402-5 and ISO 12402-6

- Adjustable padded shoulders + safety whistle.

- Large front zipper pocket with wide entrance.

- Smaller front zipper pocket.

- Deep cut back panel for mobility.

- Adjustable telescopic side entry system protects your sides.

- Safety harness.

- Knife holder.

Guardian is PFD made for the most extreme terrains featuring all bells and whistles (the whistle is literal).  The ides was creating a vest that is safe and super comfortable to wear - which is a safety feature itself.

Thanks to side-entry telescopic system it is very easy to take on and off. Thinner side panels are pushed into a tunnel located in the front panel; this way we eliminated bulging material on the side even when tightened to maximum. The side foam also protects sensitive oblique area from impact.

The front panel of the vest sits nice and low and back panel is cut deep around shoulder blades to allow maximum mobility of your arms.

To keep the vest where it should be we added triple adjustment on the sides and adjustable shoulders. Even when swimming in heavy waters the vest does not slide up. Guardian is equipped with safety strap that is firmly attached to the body of the vest and held in place by a system of tunnels.

Large front zipper pocket is equipped with hooks and loops to firmly secure smaller items such as keys, cellphone, etc.

An update from last version is a new high-volume high vis safety whistle. It is attached by flexible cord in a small pocket with anti-slippery inner wall preventing its free movement.

Angels are real! Who is watching over you?!

SizeS / ML / XL2XL
Weight (kg)30 - 7550 - 9080+
Buyoancy (N)657580



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