PFD designed for competitive racing in canoe slalom is certified by ICF federation under the standard ISO 12402-5.

We recommend using PFD with compatible spraydeck or combo. 

Do not modify or temper with the PFD in any way. 

Under no circumstances lower the floatation of the PFD. 

- Ultra thin profile for tight clearance of gates

- External foam to be inserted into a special spraydeck

- Flexible neoprene shoulders with inner straps for maximum mobility

- 3 consecutive straps running around torso

- The ultimate tool for winning

Jackpot is an evolution step forward from Saluki. A portion of buoyant volume of both front and back panel is moved to external foam pillow; this pillow is inserted into a pocket in a spraydeck. The front panel is extremely thin and of low profile allowing to minimize the space between the body of a kayaker and a gate during tight clearance of gates. The foam of the back panel is also reduced and the design of the vest is adjusted to be more fitted. The external pillow is shaped to fit the space between the knees of a kayaker. It is connected to the body of the vest through flexible neoprene belt. The pocket on top of the spraydeck and the spraydeck itself are designed to compress the pillow below the level of the deck when inserted. During deep lean-backs the pillow sits securely in the pocket and any motion of the kayaker is absorbed by the flexible belt; even when in full extension the belt keeps the vest in place and the external pillow remains bellow of the deck / inside the kayak. Jackpot is equipped with a system of high-tension straps, flexible neoprene shoulder straps with tight stop, 3 pairs of adjustment straps on the sides one of them flexible for more accurate adjustment. 

Do not use the PFD without compatible spraydeck. Do not modify! Do not reduce the buoyancy of the PFD!

Buoyancy (N)50545454

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