Fully equipped, highly buoyant yet deeply profiled PFD suitable for white water, sea-kayaking and touring.

- ISO 12402-5 and 12402-6

- Pull over head entry.

- Its construction allows wide range of motion.

- Thanks to low profile of its front panel and overall lower cut, the PFD is suitable for kayakers as well.

- Shoulder straps are softened with neoprene and they are easily adjustable.

- Two additional adjustable straps on the side make the PFD fit wide range of body types.

- There are three large pockets in the front as well as two insulated pockets.

- Large pocket on the back panel fits a camel bag.

- A collapsible pocket underneath is designed to hold a throw line.

- The PFD is equipped with a safety harness, reflexive elements and safety whistle.

Weight (kg)30-7550-9080+
Buoyancy (N)507070


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