Fully equipped, highly buoyant yet deeply profiled PFD suitable for white water, sea-kayaking and touring.

- ISO 12402-5

- Pull over head entry.

- Its construction allows wide range of motion.

- Thanks to low profile of its front panel and overall lower cut, the PFD is suitable for kayakers as well.

- Shoulder straps are softened with neoprene and they are easily adjustable.

- Two additional adjustable straps on the side make the PFD fit wide range of body types.

- There are three large pockets in the front as well as two insulated pockets.

- Large pocket on the back panel fits a camel bag.

- A collapsible pocket underneath is designed to hold a throw line.

- The PFD is equipped with a safety harness, reflexive elements and safety whistle.

Weight (kg)30-7550-9080+
Buoyancy (N)507070




Very soft and flexible closed-cell foam, with low relative density, resistant to chemicals, petroleum products and humidity, it will not rot and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Light nylon fabric with good tensile properties, resistant to diesel fuel and detergent. It is abrasion resistant and quite strong in tension.

Very durable polyester fabric has excellent tensile properties, is resistant to diesel fuel and detergent. It is abrasion resistant and strong in tension.

Classic neoprene foam has both sides laminated with flexible knit.

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