Fully equipped high flotation low profile vest for whitewater, sea kayaking or touring

+ Low cut design is great for kayakers providing a low profile fit and comfort throughout the range of motion

+ Neoprene padded and adjustable shoulder straps

+ Two adjustable side side straps to allow for a proper and comfortable fit for many different body types

+ Three large zippered pockets along with two smaller sticky neoprene pockets on the front

+ Large back pocket designed for a hydration system along with a collapsible throw bag or towline tunnel along the lower back

+ Comes with a quick release waist belt with a stainless ring and a whistle

+ Reflective elements to aid in low visibility environments

+ ISO 12402-5 & 12402-6 certified

Weight (kg)30-7550-9080+
Buoyancy (N)507070

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