Fully equipped high-end PFD made for the most extreme conditions. It was developed in cooperation with professional paddlers and rescuers. Guardian is combination of maximum comfort and safety; thanks to its construction it is very easy to take on and off and it does not restrain movement when paddling. At the same time the vest is equipped with all safety features required in the most extreme terrains. Sophisticated side telescopic system enables a side entry without the use of a zipper. Thinner side panels are pushed into a tunnel located in the front panel; this way the there is no wrinkled material on the side even when tightened to maximum and the paddler's waist is protected. Low front panel and deep cut of the back panel allows wide range of motion. Thanks to triple adjustment on the sides and adjustable shoulders the vest does not slide anywhere and fits comfortably even when swimming or breaking through heavy waters. Guardian is equipped with safety strap that is firmly attached to the body of the vest and geld by a system of several tunnels. Large front zipper pocket is equipped hooks and loops to firmly attach smaller items such as keys, cellphone, etc. An update from last version is a new high-volume safety whistle of vibrant color. The whistle is attached by flexible cord in a small pocket with anti-slippery inner wall that is attached to the large front pocket. It is placed strategically so the rider can easily locate the whistle and use it if needed.

ISO 12402-5

sizeS / ML / XL2XL
weight (kg)30 - 7550 - 9080+
buyoancy (N)657580




Very soft and flexible closed-cell foam, with low relative density, resistant to chemicals, petroleum products and humidity, it will not rot and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Light nylon fabric with good tensile properties, resistant to diesel fuel and detergent. It is abrasion resistant and quite strong in tension.

Very durable polyester fabric has excellent tensile properties, is resistant to diesel fuel and detergent. It is abrasion resistant and strong in tension.

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