This PFD is suited for high-performance touring and competition requiring endurance.

- ISO 12402-5 and ISO 12402-6

- One of the main advantages is extremely low profile of front panel allowing paddler a full range of motion without restrain.

- Shoulder straps are made out of soft and flexible neoprene.

- Hidden inside the shoulder panels there are two high-tension straps ensuring that the vest meets all safety standards.

- Stamina is equipped with a pair of three adjustable straps.

- The straps make sure the vest fits nicely on the body and does not slide around when paddling.

- There is a large front pocket in the front as well as two smaller pockets to warm up cold hands.

- Large back pocket can hold a bladder and strategically placed hooks keep the drinking tube in place.

- There are reflexive elements on the back and shoulders.

SizeS / ML / XL2XL
Weight (kg)30-7550 - 9080+
Buyoancy (N)545454




Very soft and flexible closed-cell foam, with low relative density, resistant to chemicals, petroleum products and humidity, it will not rot and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Very light closed-cell polyethylene foam.

Light nylon fabric with good tensile properties, resistant to diesel fuel and detergent. It is abrasion resistant and quite strong in tension.

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