• XS - 3XL

  • S - 2XL

  • WS - W2XL

    NIMUE Air4.X W. Dry Top

  • S - 2XL


  • S - 2XL

    This is a cag designed for all kinds of paddling in extremely cold conditions. Thanks to its construction and the flexibility of the material the cag is very comfortable and allows free range of motion.

  • 88/116 - 130/150

    Comfortable jacket for small water explorers. Neoprene cuffs around the wrists and the neck are adjustable.

  • S - 2XL

    Die Wildwasserjacke aus atmungsaktivem Zweischichtmaterial.

  • S - 2XL

    Paddle cat suitable for tourism and recreational paddling. It features light material and easy to adjust neck collar and wrist cuffs.

  • XS - 2XL

    Feather long sleeve paddle cag was carefully constructed to reduce the amount of seams to reduce the weight to minimum. It is designed for racing but can be used for recrational paddling in white or flat water.