Neoprene pants 

    Pro zadanou kombinaci není vhodný žádný produkt
    Pro zadanou kombinaci není vhodný žádný produkt
  • XS - 3XL

    3 mm thick neoprene provides good heat comfort. The bottom part is made of Supratex offering abrasion resistance and more insolation.

  • XS - 2XL

    The combination of only 1.5 mm thick neoprene and shaped bottom part makes very comfortable pair of shorts.

  • 2XS - 3XL

    Made of 2.5 mm neoprene Neo pants offer just enough insolation while staying flexible enough to allow free movement.

  • WXS - W2XL

    Women inspired swim wear Nani is made out of extremely thin and elastic neoprene - Neospan. It is very pleasent and provides the perfect combination of warmth and flexibility during longer stays in water.

  • 128 cm - 152 cm

  • S - 2XL

    Neoprene capris with high versatility of use. The capris have been constructed for sitting position.