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Neoprene Equipment

Neoprene suit is the strongest protection against cold in wet conditions. It provides not only thermal protection but also protects the body against abrasion and bumps when swimming whether voluntarily or involuntarily in a river and helps the person with floating. Anyway it does not substitute a buoyancy aid! The thicker the material, the better the isolation - but the more limited mobility. It is important to choose the appropriate thickness according to the supposed use.

Neoprene Equipment Maintenance

Neoprene is made of chloroprene foam with closed pores single or double side coated with syntactic elastic fabric. It has pleasant attributes - it is elastic, flexible and skin friendly.

If we want to keep these attributes unchanged it is necessary to follow the maintenance guideline.
  • Choose the appropriate size of the neoprene carefully. If it is too big, it gets easily soaked. If it is too small, it restricts your blood circulation and the tight material can get flaws.
  • Non-coated side of neoprene is sensitive to abrasion and flaw. In jungle-like conditions we advise to protect the neoprene suit by a top cover.
  • When not used keep the neoprene equipment freely hung. Long time folding can cause ultimate damage.
  • Neoprene garments are put on directly on your skin. It is advisable to keep them clean and rinse them in clean water after every use and let them thoroughly dry in the open air. All this will prolong their life.
  • Do NOT ever wash neoprene in a washing machine. Do NOT dry it by hot air or on hot central heating. If necessary, wash it by lukewarm water and soft brush. You can use soap water if needed. Do NOT use washing powder or similar chemicals!
  • Have all minor damage professionally mended in time. Check regularly all buckles, zippers and other fastening.


Used materials


One sided neoprene rubber laminated with a layer of elastic knit. It is a basic material for neoprene outfit.



Double sided neoprene rubber laminated on both sides with a layer of elastic knit. It is a basic material for neoprene outfit.



Neoprene rubber laminated with a layer of very elastic and abrasion resistant knit.

It is used to reinforce strained parts.



Double sided neoprene rubber coated with a rubber layer, abrasion resistant, adhesive, provides high heat comfort. It is used to reinforce strained parts and to protect from cold.



Softened neoprene rubber laminated with a layer of extremely elastic knit. This combination provides high elasticity.



Soft and flexible neoprene rubber with a special metallic layer, which is water-repellent, very pleasant to touch and it improves insulation of the neoprene. Suits made of this kind of neoprene are comfortable and they dry up quickly.



Extra thin and extremely elastic double sided neoprene rubber. Suits made of this neoprene are highly comfortable, they fit as a skin.



Quick-drying, water-repellent polyamide fabric.



Highly durable waterproof polyurethane coating with high abrasion resistance. It is used to protect strained parts.




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