Neoprene gloves

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Neo handys
Handys on paddles for competitors and all paddlers who need to feel the paddle in hands and simultaneously want
Thicker neoprene gloves have shaped fingers for more comfort when holding a paddle. Adhesive print on the palm
NEO1.5 poggies
Hand warmers fixed to a padle protect hands while they allow feeling the paddle in palms. The products is
AMARA gloves
The combination of 1.5 mm neoprene and a synthetic deer skin Amara with great adhesiveness makes Amara gloves an
Slim gloves
Made of just 2 mm thin neoprene these gloves are very elastic and fit extremely well. Adhesive print on the palm
Light handys with new design for racing.
NEO3.0 seal
Neoprene seals protect sensitive tendons from cold, provide additional heat comfort and help to keep the water
Nylon Teddy handys
Outer layer made from waterproof Nylon Oxford, inner layer Tecnopile - Teddy. Perfect for adventurers paddling
Knee protection against abrasion and cold. Exposed parts reinforced by Supratex.
Compared of Handys Teddy Muffle, in addition, is equipped with neoprene straps to seal the space around a paddle
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