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Well equipped buoyancy aid enables you to survive even when shipwrecked on an isolated rock.
The elementary function of buoyancy aids is to help and support a person who got voluntarily or involuntarily to water from any possible reason. Bear in mind that based on the European standard EN 393 buoyancy aids are only supportive tools and so designed for swimmers and emergency situations with help at hand - they are not rescue tools for non-swimmers or unconscious people.

Besides buoyancy - i.e. floating a person in water - buoyancy aids provide many other possibilities of active rescue thanks to their further equipage - harness belts, integrated harnesses, elastic or non-elastic pockets or practical buckles are added to buoyancy aids according to their types and suggested use.

If we choose the right aid and learn how to use it, we will survive even on the above-mentioned rock...

Buoyancy Aids Maintenance

Buoyancy aid is neither a cushion or a seat! Prevent any pressing or folding. When not in use, keep it freely hung, let it dry naturally in the open air. Keep it out of heat over 50 C, do not dry in a dryer or on hot heaters. When dirty, clean it only with soap water and a gentle brush. Wash it in a washing machine in hot water ONLY when you decide you will not need it any longer and you want to destroy it completely and then throw it away.

Correct Use of Chest Belt

Harness belt with a buckle is constructed to carry a human being when in emergency situation. It is possible to drag a person or a boat by it when needed.

It does not substitute a climbing harness for rappelling at all!!!

A situation may occur when it is necessary to undo the bet under pressure (e.g. when a fastened rescuer gets pressed on river bed by stream or a dragged boat gets stuck). That is why we pay attention to proper belt threading and buckle fastening. When the belt is treaded incorrectly we cannot guarantee appropriate compactness and ability to quick unfastening!!!

Pulling through a belt during emergency
hanging a person on the chest belt.
Pulling through a belt
- basic position.


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